Hal Spacejock

Hal Spacejock by Simon Haynes
First published in Australia by Fremantle Press
Now available on Kindle worldwide (US/UK/DE, DRM-free)

Hal studied the robots huddled in the back seat. "I think it's time for introductions."
The tall, bronze robot gestured at his shorter companion. "This is DO-P, and I'm FRT-1."
"What are your proper names?"
"We've never had any."
"Well I'm not calling you Dopey and Farty." Hal inspected the fugitives, then pointed to the bronze one. "You can be Clyde, and he can be Albion."
"I think that's Bonnie."
Hal looked pleased. "I'm glad you like it. My name's Hal, by the way. Hal Spacejock."

An incompetent, accident-prone pilot is given one last chance to save his ship. An elderly robot is trusted with a midnight landing in a deserted field. And a desperate businessman is prepared to sacrifice both of them to get what he wants...

Combining relentless action with non-stop laughs, Hal Spacejock explodes onto the science fiction scene with the subtlety of a meteor strike and the hushed reverence of a used car salesman.

"A cheerful, fun book that'll brighten anyone's day" Amazon.com review
"Just the right humor to entertain in a colorful sci-fi setting" ibid.
"A space opera full of humorously cringe-worthy moments" Dominion Post
"Highly readable and very entertaining" dooyoo
"Better than Red Dwarf" Tom Holt