Rick Rivoire is flush with money, women, and prospects. He protects his country as one of the Rainguns, an elite regiment of spellcasting cavalry.

But national policy drifts ominously into slavery and religious persecution, sparking rebellion. Joining the rebels could land Rick on a prison ship, in slave-irons --- or atop the same gallows where he watched his father hang.

The alternative looks no brighter. The status quo imperils Rick's hard-won self-respect. Supporting tyranny would doom his dream to emulate the valiant swordswoman who braved a den of monsters to rescue the lonely, terrified nine-year-old boy he once was.

Rick can't stay above the fray forever. He must either defend a government whose actions disgust him --- or risk everything he has.

This story unfolds in a world of bloodthirsty pirates, brave musketeers, and vile monsters. Its target audience is anyone who has ever wrestled with questions of whether, and how, to risk opposing the actions of their country.

This book contains graphic violence and some explicit sex. It is intended for adults only.
The author, John Blackport, has pledged half of Raingun's e-book royalties to the Scleroderma Research Foundation --- a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose mission it is to fund and facilitate teh most promising medical research aimed at improved therapies and, ultimately, a cure for scleroderma.
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Joe Unfried (my pen name is John Blackport)