Wolf's-head, Rogues of Bindar Book I

Welcome to Bindar: a world of scoundrels, opportunists and glib talkers.

A conniving fisherman/adventurer discovers a new meaning for the words mischief and scandal when he falls on the wrong side of a macabre magician, propelling him and his jokester poet friend into outlandish adventures. All illusions of a just and fair world are shattered!

First it is prison, then it is the precarious life of outlaws. To meet a dazzling shapeshifter, shrunken and imprisoned in the magician's bottle of brine, and then liberate her is not enough. Harried across the land, accompanied by a rebellious sea captain, they encounter the formidable Dakkaw, an ogreish creature of questionable repute. Can they win free of Bisiguth, and the Dakkaw's sinister agenda?

Journey to new reaches of faraway Bindar with these unlikely heroes. They must trust their instincts, survive by wits and bravado against lords, lawgivers, enchanting damsels and fey creatures . . .

Book I of the epic 3-book saga.