Survival Instinct (The dark side of dating)

Survival Instinct (The darkside of dating) takes a scary look inside the mind of a serial killer where fantasy and reality become blurred.

But this is not just about death, it is about life and the trauma we all face when a long term relationship ends and the insecurities felt when seeking out a new partner.

In contrast to the dark side, the story has a light side, in a kind of Psycho meets Two and a half Men. Jamie teams up with Bill, his newfound friend as they trawl the local singles' scene and take you through a raft of emotions, in this tale full of more twists and turns than a mountain pass.


Dare to walk on the dark side of dating. For some, carrying baggage on the singles' scene, there is a fine line between love, hate and ... retribution.

When Jamie's wife walks out, he needs to close a curtain on his past if he is to find love again. The Crossword killer has a different fate in mind for Jamie ... let the games begin.

Those close to Jamie are placed under a sentence of death, but with Jamie as the main suspect, it is going to take all his powers of Survival Instinct for them all to live.

Here's what one author said out of over a thousand review authors, that voted the book a gold medal winner on the Harper Collins writers site.

"Freakin' awesome, you must have had so much fun writing and developing the characters of Jamie and Bill. I couldn't put the read down. I was reading it on my computer and on my iPod on the train and at work. I want everyone to know this is a gem that keeps you guessing the outcome until the end." Mrs. V Lynn

WARNING: Whilst you may learn the secret of the singles' club 'double speak.' You may wish that you, or those close to you will never need to date again.

Trust me; you will have fun finding out why.