Lunch Break Thrillers

63,500 words. Approximately equal to 300 pages in a paperback book.
Independently edited.

All Lunch Break Thriller shorts are available as singles.

In this busy world where time is precious, no matter if you are taking a short journey or a lunch break and need to sit back and relax, what better than to read a short story to its conclusion, rather than to put a book aside and forget it?

Lunch Break Thrillers is a gripping mix of suspense, mystery, disaster and murder, all interlaced with memorable characters.

Designed to intrigue and satisfy, these tales will leave you with something to ponder, long after they fade into the dark corners of your mind.

Lunch Break Thrillers
Short Stories

The Mystery of the Crimson Robe
Rookie LAPD Homicide Detective, Nancy Roberts, has a strange encounter with a figure in a crimson robe. Ridiculed by her colleagues, she has more to contend with than a fancy colored garment. A story of overcoming self-doubt.

Hide and Seek
Carl didn't believe in ghosts. Unless you want to count the Holy one? All that is about to change.

The End, or a New Dawn?
For those worried about climate change. Maybe it's all part of a grand design for a new start of biblical proportion.

Where There's a Will, There's a War
A tale of political intrigue and deception. This one is for conspiracy theorists. An interactive story that will have you opening your browser to search the net for answers.

Careful What You Wish
Ross Kellerman does not seem to have any luck at dating. Trapped 24/7 behind his bar, he turns to Internet dating. Big mistake. Luckily, his so called friends are at hand to help out.

Downward Spiral
A cautionary tale and a Helter-Skelter ride for Annie in her fall from grace during rough times.

The Black Widow
When death comes a calling, it can take all shapes and sizes, especially where revenge is the motive. A noir Mafia tale.

Phoenix Rising
Set in the backdrop of a bankrupt UK, a corrupt Federal European Union has taken control of the country. Can a failed British secret service agent unravel the mystery surrounding the death of a leading British industrialist?

The Enemy Within
There is a war taking place, but where? It could be nearer than you think. They say to keep your friends close and your enemy's even closer. But what happens in a society where you can't tell one from the other? Would this cause you to become your own worst enemy?

The Silver Locket
A hypnotic tale of hope, from the depths of adversity.

Lost Baggage
How precious are your possessions? Worth risking your life for? Texas born, Rob Carter has the answer.

Who Am I?
Worried about identity theft? If not, you should be. It could cost you your life.