Gears of Wonderland

James Riggs lives a normal life with a mind-numbing job, an overbearing
boss, and a demanding fiancée. Then he witnesses the murder of his best
friend. Saved from the murderer by a strange man in a white suit, James
is cast down a hole and into a world he always believed was a kid's
story. Wonderland.

But things have changed since Alice's visit. The Knave of Hearts has
seized the Heart throne, conquered all of Wonderland with his
steam-powered technological marvels, and rules the land with an iron fist.

Aided by the Mad Hatter's daughter, James journeys to discover why he
has been brought to Wonderland and how the tattoo on his arm could be
the key to Wonderland's salvation—or its destruction.

Edited by Lynn O'Dell (Red Adept Reviews).