Masters of the Sun

Ten years after the Troubles that ended civilization as we currently know it, isolated settlements of survivors have resumed trade and are beginning to rebuild. In the small settlement of Glennville, Jack Simmons lives as a hunter and trapper with his friend and mentor. Haunted by and unable to move beyond the lingering pain from his losses during the Troubles, he nevertheless has found a measure of contentment. But when the trade caravan brings word of a mysterious and mystical threat in the west, he finds himself thrust on an unwanted journey with a man he doesn't trust to discover the source of this threat. He finds more than he bargained for when he encounters the Order of the Sun and their leader, a former physicist who left the profession to pursue his theory of how to reclaim man's lost capacity to work magic. When Jack learns the dark secrets that lie at the Order's core, he is forced to flee in the dead of night and evade the Order's pursuers in order to bring those secrets back, where they can hopefully be used to set up a defense against the Order's expansion.

Fast paced and action-packed, Masters of the Sun is the story of one man's perseverance in the face of adversity and of the rebirth of magic into a crippled world.

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