A Pair of Second Chances

A grateful Welcome to all Goodkindles readers. Many Thanks for taking the time to read this intro to my second Novel. The first, has been received with good reviews. I believe, this my latest work, A Pair of Second Chances, is an ever better story.

A man of brutal and evil lusts, pursues a helpless woman across the country. His goal? Find her and destroy her for daring to attempt escape from the life of virtual slavery in which he has held her. Fate collides her path with that of an aging, spirit broken, Montana Cowboy. A man, she discovers, who is more than just a cowboy. In modern day Montana, she, and her pursuer are introduced to the honor, strength of will, and merciless retribution of a genuine, antique cowboy. Along the way, she manages to rekindle hope and life in the old guys heart. Together, they give to each other, A Pair of Second Chances