Shotgun Start

Greetings to my fellow GoodKindle readers out there. My name is Mike
Nettleton and I'm a retired broadcasting gypsy turned mystery author. I've
co-written 5 books with my wife, Carolyn Rose and Shotgun Start is my first
solo title. With this book I combined three things I loved, suspense and
mystery fiction, golf and the high desert around Albuquerque New Mexico.
Anyone who's live in New Mexico will testify to the unique character of the
place and the reviewer's have told me I've captured that. If you're not a
golfer, have no fear, the emphasis is on the mystery-suspense angle. Golf is
strictly a backdrop for nefarious goings on including: Biker gangs, The
Methamphetamine Trade, Internet Porn, sleazy television hosts, Ex wives in
trouble and the search for the meaning of true love. Please let me know if
you need more info. Here's the book cover.

Here's a link to a review by Steve Moore

and one to my Amazon Author Page