The Pale Mansion - a Lovecraft tribute horror story

Welcome, Investigator! Please check your Elder Signs. If you are here,
you are probably interested in the strange house we have 'round here,
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The Pale Mansion is a Cosmic Horror story intended as both a tribute to
Howard Philips Lovecraft and as a light polemic with his writing,
written by a professional translator and longtime Lovecraft fan.
It is available on Amazon online bookstore in kindle format.

The Story

Recounted from the first person perspective, The Pale Mansion tells the
story of one Arthur Bollingham, an heir to the eponymous estate. As the
young man will soon find out, the Pale Mansion is not just any old
house, and living there might not be as healthy as in other places of
the country.

The Characters

One of the reasons The Pale Mansion came into being in the first place
was dissatisfaction with H.P.L's protagonists. The story endeavours to
present characters with distinct personalities, who differ from each
other and have rather more depth than was a standard for Lovecraft. They
vary in temperament, knowledge and skills, a fact which might influence
their fates greatly :

Arthur Bollingham - an economist in his late twenties, Arthur is the
heir to the Pale Mansion and narrator of the story. He is a
level-headed, rather conventional young man, fond of symmetry and
observing proprieties.

Quincey Hartman - a physician and Arthur's best friend, Mr. Hartman is
much less strict in his demeanour. He likes a good laugh, long walks,
big glasses of port and dogs.

Sarah Noyes - Arthur's cousin, a young lady of impeccable if rather dull
upbringing. She is intent on providing her cousin with company, such as
she might offer.

The Place

Most of the recounted events take place in the eponymous house, the
building itself being placed somewhere in the "Lovecraft Country" we all
know and love. The estate is situated near Providence, Rhode Island, but
excessive landmarking and descriptions have been avoided, on purpose.
The real stage of events is, and has always been, the human mind.

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