Two Graves

Two Graves by D.A. Graystone

International Best Seller


Pudgy, myopic and socially inept, he knows the terror of being bullied. From his earliest childhood memory, he has faced ridicule, name calling, harassment and beatings. Fear ruled his life, possessed him, controlled his every encounter with others.


Now, he has killed.

Now, rage rules his life.

He is getting even and everyone is a target.


But he should have remembered the Chinese proverb, "Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig TWO GRAVES."


D.A. Graystone


I’m often asked if I was bullied in school? I’m 5 foot-six inches short, was in the Audio Visual club, played the violin and wore really thick glasses. What do you think?


But we writers can get even too — without risking the death penalty!


Were you bullied in school? Live vicariously as my killer gets even in Two Graves!