The Adventure Tournament

From the goofy/disturbed mind of Nicholas Andrews comes The Adventure Tournament, a debut into the humorous fantasy genre that is sure to leave you in stitches... of laughter, that is. The book won't actually hurt you.


Remy Fairwyn is an enthusiastic youngster whose ambition is to travel the land in search of fame and treasure, righting wrongs and winning glory along the way. Unfortunately, he's currently enrolled in a seemingly never ending program of education at Foeny University. And he has a father who disapproves of such pursuits. And he happens to have a mind more suited to a pack mule than a great warrior. That all changes when the kingdom's powers-that-be introduce an Adventure Tournament, with instant fame being the prize at the end.

This story contains (1) corrupt organization looking to use the kingdom's woes to swell its own coffers. Contains your daily requirement of Feminist Healers, Professional Wrestlers, Drama Kings, Pompous Asses, Narcoleptic Thieves, Overbearing Fathers, Ambiguous Relations, Runaway Treasure Chests, Flying Shoes and a pinch of Cute Kitty Monsters Willing to Devour Any and All. Also contains one (1) Remy, perhaps the most ill-suited adventurer to ever wield a big piece of wood. Stir the brain well before reading; side effects may include side-splitting laughter, mild cases of forehead slapping and erectile dysfunction. Do not read if pregnant.

Will Remy be able to cook up an unlikely victory? Or is his participation a recipe for disaster?

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