The Adventures of Riley Raccoon

Think of the most beautiful and perfect person, place, or thing you can think of. Maybe it's your spouse, your boyfriend or girlfriend, your child, special secret place from your childhood, the most breathtaking view in the world, or the greatest work of art ever created. Now, picture it destroyed. Picture it defiled, trodden upon, desecrated, demolished; picture its original beauty, purity, and perfection ultimately corrupted forever, with no hope of restoration.

This is what young Riley Raccoon learns from his best friend, Charlotte- that everything beautiful and perfect in the world is in danger from the common creature. The common creature- who isn't capable of perceiving such magnificence, nor has the profound respect for it if they do. These creatures exist everywhere and are a threat to everything sacred, for their indifference to greatness makes them enemies of the pure.

This is Riley's adventure- to protect and preserve what he loves most in the world, and is willing to risk his life to do so. He learns there is a place where everything beautiful is eternally safe- inside his own heart.

Book description:

Young Riley Raccoon sets out on an adventure to save three havens in his forest, each giving him something unique and irreplaceable in his life. When a new raccoon family moves in, he unknowingly meets his best, and only, friend. Over the course of their adventures together they forge a lifelong bond, as they find in each other what they need most from themselves. Faced with impossible odds against fearsome predators, Riley learns the virtue of protecting and preserving what he loves in the world, no matter the cost.

I hope the cover isn't too distorted- 100 pixels wide was a lot smaller than it was originally made...

William Trelawny