Mending Fences

Hi, I'm Lucy Francis, and I write romance novels. Why? Because there's nothing more satisfying than creating two people who are perfect for each other, dropping them into each other's lives, and watching them fall in love. 

In Mending Fences, CEO-turned-Curran Shaw certainly wasn't expecting Victoria Linden to drop into his life at a Halloween party. Equally unexpected was the amazing kiss she laid on him. She took off afterwards, before he could stop her, and that wasn't playing fair. He didn't even know her name, how could he possibly hunt her down? 

Enter Peg-leg, a slightly deformed, very friendly pet bison, who manages to get himself into trouble with a fence and, in the process, gives Curran a second chance with the mysterious, secretive, damaged woman he hasn't been able to get out of his mind.

If you like contemporary romance in a western, mountain setting, filled with angst, family, humor, and sexual tension, pick up a copy of Mending Fences. $3.99 on Amazon:

"I love the layers of this story--the way the secrets were revealed to the reader and the hero, and the way the secondary love story mirrors the main one. And I loved the gentle build of the romance. The characters grew together in a realistic yet romantic way. All in all, a terrific debut!" --MJ Fredrick, award-winning, multi-published romance author