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Getting Even: Operation F*ck

When a young wife comes home to find her husband having sex with her sister-in-law, she's appalled. When she finds out that her sister-in-law is only one of the many, many women her husband has been cheating on her with, she's livid. 

But, as she travels to her hometown of St. Louis, to spend the holidays with her parents, she decides that instead of staying mad, she's going to get even. 

That's when Operation F*ck is born.

Soon, she's having the time of her life, as she invites one man after another to help her live out all of her sexual fantasies. Imagine her surprise however, when she's in the middle of man heaven and she unexpectedly finds love--in the arms of a woman. 

This novella is a wild, sexy and frequently humorous romp through revenge sex, fantasy sex and polyamorous love. It is not for the prudish or easily offended. 

WARNING: This novella is for adults only and contains a number of explicit sexual passages.