Hi, I'm Jim Chaseley - debut author, inveterate worrier, occasional bumbling numpty, father, husband and peddler of a pretty darn good science fiction novel called.

Z14 is a cyborg. Z14 is a book about that cyborg, and, as one reviewer put it, "Don't expect subtlety." If you've ever wanted to see a cyborg with one foot riding an antique bicycle, whilst chatting to a severed head, then this is the book for you.

Exploding lizards, cyborgs with a penchant for very literal self-destruction - even a character called "Kaboom". Yes, this is a book where stuff blows up. But, it's mostly a book about strong, fun, sometimes daft characters, and equally odd, but deadly serious alien plots. Can Z14 save humanity? Does he want to?

Z14 is offbeat science fiction, and a rip-roaring blast of a read, best enjoyed in just a few, fevered reading sessions. It will extract the odd chuckle from you, even if those chuckles sometimes come with a grimace... "He did what?"