Quickies!: Semester One Collection

The Quickies! series -- the first four short stories compiled into the Semester One Collection -- is something I wrote because I wanted to explore different things. I'd written some fantasy, some sci-fi, and now I wanted to write something a little more... frisky. I've got needs too, you know, so I only write stories that I myself want to read.

Since I went to college, I decided to write about college kids and all the crazy stuff they got up to. Some of this is real, some of this is exaggerated, some happened to me and some happened to people I knew -- and some is pulled straight from my imagination... or how I wished things went down. Names, places, all changed to protect the innocent and the guilty alike.

That's pretty much it. The first Semester anthology is four stories, all in one, with slowly increasing amounts of kinkiness with a more gentle finish. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Welcome to JFK College... where the unofficial motto is, "Everyone gets laid."

This short story collection is the first semester of college for three new students and how they fit into their rather uniquely raunchy tertiary education.

It contains four short stories:

"Good Vibrations" - M/F, straight, first time.
"Frailty, Part I" - M/F, stripping, tease.
"Frailty, Part II" - M/F, M/M/F, M/M/F/F, group sex, gangbang, orgy, seconds
"All's Fair..." - F solo, M/F, oral, voyeurism, masturbation