Two Halves

Marta Szemik is an author and a writer. As a mom of two and a wife she enjoys using her family's attributes in her writing - just because they are unique:) A great skier (in her kids eyes), she loves the outdoors. Very often she can be found creating new worlds in front of her computer. Her favourite pass-time is sitting on the front porch with a cup of coffee. Powerful writing with colourful characters who make you cry, laugh and wish they were real intrigue her. She has a sarcastic sense of humour and those close to her know that she can make a joke out of almost anything, but she could never do stand up comedy. Her favourite words are "seriously" and "pooped" (not in her writing!).
Two Halves is Marta's debut novel published in November 2011. This young adult urban fantasy explores the world of two half-breed vampires as they learn their destiny to stop the extinction of humans and vampires.
Twenty-one-year-old Sarah is a child of a human mother and a vampire father and has suppressed her dark side with serums. The only memory of her mother is when Sarah killed her, soon after birth. Of her father, nothing-just a hatred for his vampire traits that made her kill her own mother.
When a disturbing nightmare foretelling her bleak future stirs the superhuman traits, underworld creatures are beaconed. On the run with William, a man she knows from her dreams, Sarah tries to learn what's been , for a good reason. Had she known her destiny, she may have continued with the serums that kept her hidden.
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