30 Minute Meals

Healthy and quick meals for busy people. Included are a really nice variety of recipes to fight off dinnertime blahs while providing healthy choices.

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Amazon Description:
Delicious Recipes and Quick Dinner Ideas, Simple and Easy Recipes for Everyone. Discover 30 minute meals for busy families!
This is an easy book to read with quick and easy dinner recipes and lunch recipes that you can use and repeat all year round.
With over 2 months supply of the vegetarian, gluten-free, meat and fish recipes, soups and pasta dishes, you will have plenty of choice for meals and dinner ideas.
In fact, you will find yourself repeating many recipes because they are so delicious!
An essential book for the kitchen, keep this book on your shelf to refer to and you can easily plan your 30 minute meals for the week or even the month!

The book is built on a simple premise: to guide you to put together healthy, tasty but simple meals in the limited time that modern life affords you: about 30 minutes to be precise. `Busy moms, dads and other professionals' may take heart, they may not be indulgent in the art of cooking, but they would not be guilty either, for neglecting this important chore, or feeding decadent food to their loved ones. There is as much accent on healthy diet as on fast cooking.
The author lays a great emphasis on Gluten Free ingredients. Gluten in food, we are told, hinders absorption of vitamins, so essential for good health. Thus wheat is a strict no no, for gluten watchers. But other whole grains are great health boosters, which should form part of any healthy meal.
The author also guides you about which oils to prefer, which seasonings to pick and even on cooking ware. When it comes to the recipes you really enjoy the choices laid out before you. Foods for all occasions and tastes: you name it and the book has it. There are chicken, beef, pork, fish, ham bacon recipes of all styles, Indian, Chinese, Thai, Italian, and American. Then there is a great range of choices on vegetarian, vegan and vegetable dishes.
The sections on Soups and Extras were my special favorites. There are eleven types of soups from bean through rice to noodle soups. The Extras, comprising mostly of salads will delight you for their simplicity and food value.
'30 Minute Meals Recipes' has definitely made my cooking simpler, tastier and healthier.