The Probation

Introducing "The Probation", a d├ębut book from author Lily Mia.
A tense and highly erotic short story set within the confines of a small recruitment company in London. The story revolves around Samantha who is a young and up and coming recruitment agent and her boss Tom who is a ruthless target driven business man and womaniser. An unsaid mutual attraction is offset against ailing work performance and the ultimate sacrifice.
The story is extremely graphic in it's detail.

Book Description as displayed on Amazon:

   Sam is an aspiring recruitment agent working for a small firm in London. She is a young professional, articulate and confident and very attractive. Her aim is to get some experience under her belt and move onwards to a bigger firm. Little does she know that she is likely to get more than she bargained for, under her belt and in other areas that have nothing to do with business!
Having fallen behind on her targets and with time running out Sam has to face her probation… 

This tense and highly erotic story will leave you enthralled as Sam is confronted by a devious boss and her own inhibitions to success.

WARNING: This short story contains extended and graphic descriptions of a sexual nature (M/F), with no fade to black. Mature readers only.