Anything But Vanilla

One Girl. Two Guys. No Strings.

Leave your inhibitions behind, and prepare to be wicked, because on Liddell Island only the ice-cream is vanilla.

Kara might be fleeing her ex and a wedding she never wanted, but that doesn't mean she's not looking for fun. And who better to play games with than Ric Liddell, who rules the island like a medieval baron? Well, unless it's with a charming ice-cream vendor with a perchance for frisky al fresco sex. Better still, make it both men and add a camera into the mix.

Madelynne Ellis is a British, multi-published, award winning author of erotica and erotic romanace. Her novels and short stories have been published by a variety of houses both in the UK and US, including Virgin Black Lace, HarperCollins, Cleis, Samhain, and Harlequin Spice Briefs, and have been translated into German, Spanish and Norwegian.

Why settle for just one man?

Kara North is on the run. Fleeing from her controlling fiancé and a wedding she never wanted, she accepts the chance offer of refuge on wild, rocky Liddell Island, where she soon catches the eye of the island's owner, erotic photographer Ric Liddell. Wickedly sexy by day and just plain wicked by night, Ric rules his domain like a feudal lord. He's used to getting what he wants, without any commitment, and just when Kara thinks she has him hooked, he hides behind a cool, dispassionate mask.

But pleasure comes in more than one flavour when Zachary Blackwater, the charming ice-cream vendor also takes an interest, and wants more than just a tumble in the surf. Zach offers her warmth that she never felt from her ex, and soon it's not just the ice cream that's melting.When Kara learns that the two men have been unlikely lovers for years, she becomes obsessed with the idea of a threesome. Zach is reluctant, until he sees the dynamic effect Kara has on Ric's emotions. She might be the key to finally capturing Ric's heart.

Soon Kara is wondering how she ever considered binding herself to just one man. She's never had so much fun or felt so uninhibited, but just when everything seems so perfect, the man she left behind returns with some very old-fashioned ideas about rescuing her and taking her home to his own idea of wedded bliss.