Firebrand is fantasy author, R.M. Prioleau's newest epic adventure, and the first book of The Pyromancer Trilogy. Firebrand follows the life and struggles of a young man, Kaijin Sora, who has a unique passion for fire. Within him lies a greater power, which Kaijin seeks to explore and understand.

Kaijin Sora behaved like any studious child his age who constantly indulged in reading books and thirsting for new knowledge. But there was one thing that distinguished him from other children -- his tenacious passion for fire.

In hopes of curbing this strange and disturbing sickness, Kaijin's parents send him off to study magic. Unbeknownst to Kaijin, the knowledge he would glean during his years of intense study would only further kindle his inner flames.

What began as a simple childhood curiosity would ultimately transition into a blazing love so powerful, it kills...

Firebrand is an engrossing fantasy adventure filled with magic and mystery.

*Book 1 of The Pyromancer Trilogy*