Free Ride

Giselle London brings you her newest release--Free Ride--yet another story from "The Pleasure Maven" designed to make you tingle in all the right places!

Have you ever fantasized about meeting a gorgeous stranger, tearing each other's clothes off, and going at it right there on the hood of your car in broad daylight?  Free Ride has all that, and a lot more!  

When Lexie takes a lunch break to "manually relieve" a little stress and sexual tension, parked in a secluded parking lot, she doesn't expect a handsome man to show up with the same thing in mind.  Why waste an opportunity?  Lexie gives in to her darkest temptations, and approaches the stranger with a proposition.  But she gets more than she bargained for when she asks him to "show me how a real man gets it done."

He's more than up to the task...but when things get rough, will Lexie abandon her mid-day tryst, or will she push her boundaries and allow herself to experience the exquisite pleasure of letting someone else take complete control?

WARNING: Free Ride is a SIZZLING erotica story, and not for the prudish.  The steamy, rough sex in public, dirty talk, and elements of bondage may set your Kindle on fire!  Perfect for a tantalizing lunch read, a sexy beach read, or cuddling with your lover.  Nothing gets a couple in the mood than reading one of Giselle London's titillating tales of ravenous desire, while wrapped in each other's arms!

"This is a hot story...a strong plot to drive it to its tantalizing end...damn, what good writing."  - Ernest Winchester, in a Smashwords review of His Virgin Babysitter by Giselle London
Free Ride will be on a free promotion for two days:  Tuesday April 24, 2012 and Wednesday April 25, 2012.  Snatch up this steamy little treat while it's free!