Not Raw Enough

Do you remember your thoughts as you popped that first bite of raw sushi in your mouth? Kinda wacky,exciting and on the edge? If you got through the experience, chances are you developed a passion for Japanese cuisine; the beauty of the presentation, the freshness, the texture and the primal act of consuming raw flesh. And, if it were part of your cultural heritage, you might consider what you'd commit to protect its future - especially when it's not raw enough.  Pick-up a free eBook copy of  Not Raw Enough on Friday April 27.

Loving sushi turns lethal when an ancient culture defined by its cuisine feels threatened.

The rich rewards of Japan's exclusive seafood markets incite the world's elite suppliers as Seth Tinsley's Hatteras Island exports spawn outrageous profits and a charmed life. When his friends die in bizarre accidents, Seth is inundated with survivors' guilt and exhausts his life savings defending unwarranted murder charges. As Seth's life crashes and his lucrative sales to Japan dwindle, he never notices his success has attracted predators.

A startling buy-out offer for his troubled export business from an Osaka conglomerate interrupts Seth's grief and in a desperate need for cash to launch his secret aquatic technology, he goes against his instincts and accepts the mysterious deal.

On the business trip of a lifetime to Tokyo and the Tsukiji Market to shock the international seafood establishment with the launch of his dynamic invention, Seth ends up alone and hunted in Japan, wanted by the JNP for mass-murder and marked expendable by the US Government.

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