A few days in Krakow


Krakow is widely considered one of Poland's most beautiful cities, and one of the world's best examples of medieval architecture. It is famous for its Main Square, the biggest in Europe, as well as a multitude of monuments - palaces, townhouses, fortifications, churches and monasteries in a variety of styles. Each year, the breathtaking beauty of Krakow attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors, eager to experience the city's amazing sights, its delicious cuisine and energetic nightlife.

This new, up-to-date guide has been written by Polish siblings, who have been living in Krakow for many years. Knowing the city inside-out, the authors decided to help you feel the unique ambiance of the city. The book contains essential information related not only to sightseeing, but also to the practical aspects of your stay, given in a succinct but thorough manner. Oriented especially towards visitors coming for a few days, this guide book does not endeavor to describe everything there is to see in Krakow, but presents the best and most important features of a great Krakow experience.

Inside the book, you will find information on :
- Most important monuments of the Old Town including the Wawel Castle,
- Jewish district, synagogues and Krakow's other judaica,
- Museums, galleries and cultural establishments,
- Hotels and hostels
- Most popular restaurants, pubs, bars and clubs,
- Cultural events,
- Transportation and communication,
- Other useful aspects for a Krakow city break.

"A few days in Krakow" is prepared specifically for your Kindle (suitable photo sizes, active table of contents and links to useful sites), so you can easily carry it around and use any time you need.