The Harrowing

Most authors dream of selling their books to Hollywood.  I went the opposite route. I was trapped in the screenwriting job from hell, adapting a novel for warring producers and knowing full well the movie would never get made. I wrote The Harrowing one page at a time at night out of sheer rage and determination to get out of the film business.  The book sold immediately and went on to be nominated for Bram Stoker (horror) and Anthony (mystery) awards. Lifesaving!   - Alexandra Sokoloff
A massive storm dumps icy rain on isolated Baird College as the last students leave for Thanksgiving break. In spooky hundred-year old Mendenhall, five lonely students remain - but they are not alone. Are these troubled misfits the victims of a college prank taken way too far, or is the mysterious presence a genuine haunting? They have three long days and dark nights to find out in - THE HARROWING