Highway to Her: The Lake

FREE May 16 - 17  (2012)

Mark goes on a personal road trip after breaking up a relationship with his woman to experience new sensations and adventures. He meets strange people in a forest lake he goes that leads to sex inside his camping tent and other dirty things. 


"Just as I was positioning my head to match her eyes, she reached out and started kissing me on the mouth with a tint of aggression. I corresponded and we instantly started kissing exploring each other's lips while our tongues were making circular shapes. It was no surprise I had a very big natural hard-on, but the tightness of my jeans was preventing my dick to produce the perfect vertical upward poise..."

This story contains sexual acts, graphic sex, adult content, bj's, three-ways, sex, etc.
8,800 words estimated. 

Link of the book: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B007NUVCG6   FREE May 16 - 17  (2012)

This story is part 1 of the Highway to Her series. 

Highway to Her: The Lake
Highway to Her: The Motel
Highway to Her: Danger in the Road

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