Codon Zero


  My thriller novel, Codon Zero (cover image attached), was accepted as a short-list FINALIST in the Eric Hoffer First Horizon Award contest.  The book posits a solution for terrorism in the Middle East by a secretive group of genetic engineers.  The novel will be available free for Kindle on here,

from May 20 - 24, 2012.  

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Jason Stouter, a U.S. intelligence officer forced into retirement by the Mossad, confronts an old nemesis, Kahlil Zufar, during a Middle East conflict final solution. A secret group of genetic engineers tricks Jaason into embarking upon blackmail of Israel and the Arab nations to achieve peace throughout the Middle East. The geneticists engineer a very selective virus, but Jason's nemesis hijacks the virus for his own purposes, imperiling the mission for peace. Through the cooperative efforts of his friend in the FBI and two sexy but dangerous women he meets along the way, Jason now has to stop the spread of the virus yet allow the dream of peace to go forward. Through the Florida Keys, Jackson Hole, Boston, Israel and Jordan, Jason struggles to find out why Zufar needs to wield the deadliest weapon the Middle East has ever seen to realize his ultimate vision.

Thank you!

    Jim Hendee