Sojourn in Silesia - Free Book Promotion by Arthur Evans

Sojourn in Silesia - Free Book Promotion by Arthur Evans

Sojourn in Silesia - Free Book Promotion by Arthur Evans

We (my daughter and I) are obviously very proud of Dad and are really happy that he left an account of his interment.  Many war heroes were understandably unable to talk about/ relive their experiences during the war.  We are grateful he was able to, even though he was in his 80's before he felt able to put pen to paper (actually he used a word processor as I recall).


So, thanks for looking.  On the off chance that you do buy/download/read the book, please leave a review on would be very grateful

Sojourn in Silesia has 5* reviews on Amazon and is also available in paperback. It was first published in 1995 and the 4th edition was published in July 2011 with some added extras at the front of the book.


Arthur Evans CBE served in the Irish Guards during WWII, but was captured the first day he arrived in France and spent the rest of the war as a prisoner, working in coal mines in Silesia.


“I read this book after it was recommended to me. Most enjoyable with tears in my eyes, probably on more than one occasion. It is amazing what the human body can take when subjected to the harshness of war?”

“My father was in the N.African desert during WW2 and never said much about it. Everyone should read books like this to know what really happened. I never knew men were so reliant on Red Cross parcels. An evocative book which I read in a day.”


“A very readable story of one man's account of being a prisoner of war. The pressures, anxieties and comradeship. It certainly gives food for thought about how anybody could not only survive the ordeal, but learn from it. Not the "Great Escape", but somehow all the more poignant.”