Hello all. My name is S.D. Rasheed and I'm the author of Linaje.
The story of Linaje follows four young survivors who have narrowly escaped Planet Earth's destruction. A plasma cloud of mysterious origins has engulfed the planet and the Milky Way in a matter of minutes. With the silent wave on a path of destruction throughout the known universe, Dain, Kalina, F.U.I and Brisa know it's only a matter a time before they run out of space and fuel.

When a cruise liner ( The Saint Croix ) responding to a distress beacon sent from their civilian space craft plucks them from space the four believe their troubles are behind them for the time being. Unfortunately The St. Croix is enroute back to Earth and straight for the plasma cloud. Can the group convince the ship's captain to turn around before it's too late? And what does a mysterious elderly woman on board The St. Croix know about the cloud of destruction that has befallen the universe?

N. M. Bronson at calls Linaje a unique sci-fi story and gave it a 4/5. You can purchase Linaje now at