Good afternoon on this hot muggy day (here in the middle of the country)

I wanted to remind you that my novel, HONEYMOON WITH HARRY, is free in kindle-version this weekend 6/16 and 6/17 on 

The movie rights to HONEYMOON WITH HARRY were bought whent he book was in galleys.  Oscar winner Paul Haggis adapted the screenplay from my book and Bradley Cooper is interested in starring and making HARRY his directorial debut.   This book has been one of the most discussed and beloved novels in Hollywood for the last few years...and I'm glad to be getting it out so that the novel can stand on its own.
HONEYMOON WITH HARRY is the hilarious and tragic story of two men in love with the same woman.  One is her fiancee, Todd, the other is her overly-protective father, Harry.  When the unthinkable occurs, these two men, they go on the "honeymoon" together to deal with the huge loss in both their lives.  These two enemies must find a common ground to help each other to survive this tragedy and move forward with their lives.
If there's anything you can do to mention the book, I would be deeply appreciate.  Especially this weekend when the book is free in kindle-version.
Thanks so much.
Bart Baker