An Introduction To Marc D Brown

Writing is what I want to do! It's probably one of the only things I take seriously. I've been writing poems and short stories since I was about 15, I just kind of clicked with it at school and it stuck.
In all honesty I've never been a big reader my self only reading maybe 10 books in my life! I think it's to do with my concentration or lack of attention, something has to really grab me by the throat if it wants my full undivided attention. Here's an example of me lacking…when I was younger I had one lesson of one type of martial arts and then quit, I had 3 lessons of another…..then quit. It really didn't do it for me!
The only things that have truly grabbed me are music and writing. I love it! When I say I love music, please don't get the impression that I can play multiple instruments all with my eyes shut and my hand tied behind my back…because I cant, I cant really play much of anything, but listening to music…that's my thing. Theres something about music and song lyrics I find more influencing than anything else on earth. It's amazing that when you find songs you like you can be captivated for 3-4 minutes, it can be like nothing else exists.
With my poetry I try to aim for the same kind of thing, short pieces of writing that you can easily work your way through but still they can capture you and make you think.
I tend not to beat around the bush with my writing and a lot of it could be seen as dark but I personally believe that everybody has these kind of thoughts but choose not to mention them.

I hope you enjoy what you read and please do leave comments/review in the relevant places.

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