The Discreet Lesbian (Episode 1 in the Mandy Series)

Being married and in love with someone else isn't a new story, but when
you are a woman married to a man and in love with a woman it makes for a
bit more drama. Add to the situation a newly adopted baby boy and trying
to balance this life within the confines of the Southern Baptist Church.

Mandy Blackwood is a product of a strict upbringing in the Eudora
Southern Baptist Church. A church steeped in taboos against almost
everything, but especially against homosexuality. She has been brought
up to make her mother proud – marry, have children, and bring no shame
on the family.

She marries Scott, the son of a Southern Baptist minister who is the
choir director of his dad's church; Mandy is the director of the Young
People's Department and Scott is the choir director. The church is full
of nosy old busy bodies. It is impossible to do anything outside the
ordinary without the pack of gossipy old vultures tearing you to pieces.
Mandy and Scott, unable to have children, adopt a baby boy and are
seemingly happy.

However, Mandy unexpectedly encounters her true destiny, a graduate
student and also a member of her church, Kathleen Crutchfield. Kathleen
brazenly makes a pass at Mandy forever changing her life. Feeling new,
deliciously different emotions, Mandy, struggles with the implications
of what has happened.

Knowing that her life will never be the same, Mandy tries to see if
there were clues in her life that should have alerted her to her hidden
forbidden identity.

Kathleen captures Mandy's heart and rules her body with a passion she
has never known before. They are made only for each other. They know
they must find a way to be together, but how will they get the courage
to escape Mandy's marriage, the church, and Kathleen's powerful family?