'That Bear Ate My Pants!' is a crazy travel comedy.
It's a coming-of-age story about a boy who wished for some adventure in his life... and then got rather more than he could handle.
It's a true story about what happens when you put an idiot in charge of a zoo.
It's a chronicle of love against the odds - of survival against the odds - and of achieving manhood, which, frankly, surprised everyone.
You know that truth, the one they say is stranger than fiction? This is that truth - with teeth and claws and a seriously bad attitude!
Most often called 'hilarious' by reviewers, it's a light-hearted look at everything that can go wrong when you're stuck halfway up a mountain, thousands of miles from home, surrounded  by wild animals... and you haven't got a clue.
And it's the only book that answers the question 'What happens when the jaguar you're carrying, wakes up...?'

That Bear Ate My Pants!

There comes a time in every man's life when he says to himself, "Holy Sh*t! I'm about to be eaten by a bear!"

Tony James Slater went to Ecuador, determined to become a man.
It never occurred to him that 'or die trying' might be an option...

The trouble with volunteering in a South American animal refuge is that everything wants a piece of you. And the trouble with being Tony, is that most of them got one.

Just how do you 'look after' something that's trying it's damnedest to kill you and eat you?
And how do you find love when you a) don't speak the language, and b) are constantly covered in excrement and entrails?

If only he'd had some relevant experience. Other than owning a pet rabbit when he was nine. And if only he'd bought some travel insurance...

That Bear Ate My Pants is the hilarious tale of one man's quest to better himself. Whether losing a machete fight with a tree, picking dead tarantulas out of a tank of live ones or sewing the head back on to a partially decapitated crocodile, Tony's misadventures are ridiculous, unbelievable and always entertaining.

Long before Sky One got involved, there were already plenty of Idiots Abroad. This is the story of one of them...

"I laughed all through the book until the end, where I became sad to have to say goodbye. I enjoyed myself that much." - Night Owl Reviews

 "The narrative in That Bear Ate My Pants was not only well-written and entertaining but downright hilarious. I have not laughed so hard while reading in quite a while. And when I mean laugh, I mean I laughed so hard I was screaming. Warning, do not read this book while on the toilet." - Indie Eclective