CHASING FOOLS fun fact: I tried out some of the bizarre foods named in the book for research purposes.

Varda Dorfman and Tommy Campi are lucky in love--sort of. Varda's an illegal foods smuggler in love with Tommy's brother, Gino. Tommy, the family romeo, is secretly gay and in a serious relationship he can't tell anyone about. Varda wants to leave smuggling to be an artisan cheesemaker and live in sin (happily ever after, of course) with Gino. Tommy wants to find a way to come out of the closet and introduce his boyfriend Ryan to his old school Italian mother and grandmother. Noone's going to get what they want, though, because Varda has run afoul of a South Philly wannabe mobster/plumber who runs an underground dinner club and dates Tommy and Gino's mother.

When Tommy and Gino team up to get Varda off the hook, all hell breaks loose, and they discover the true definition of family, loyalty, and love.