Julianne by Rebekah Lyn

Have you ever wanted to walk out of your job and not look back? That is exactly what Julianne did one Fall morning.

Review from Amazon
Rebekah Lyn, author of Storm Storms, doesn't disappoint with her newest book, Julianne. Rebekah's paragraphs are filled with descriptive scenes, interesting characters, and a solid faith that shines through her pages from beginning to end. The novel invites the reader to visit the world of theater...weaving the trials of running a community playhouse with the daily lives of honest, believable characters. Julianne is inspired by the local playhouse theater and its passion to survive economic times and low attendance. She throws herself into a master plan to save the jewel of the art community, The Garner House. Will she be successful?

Like a playwright herself, the author builds her main characters Oliver, Cameron, Gavin, and big brother Michael into a fast-paced, delightful story of relationships, pain and happiness. God's plan for Julianne becomes center stage and her friends become the actors in this story of life. A side story of romance will keep you wondering if Julianne finds her soul-mate...who will be holding her hand at the end of the book, as the curtain rises at The Garner House? Enjoy!

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