Sizzling in Singapore

The flames start dancing when chef de cuisine Mae Whitten learns that her new boss is the man she so brazenly shared herself with in her hotel's pool. He's a temporary fix for the problem of an executive chef gone missing. Nick's got big plans of his own that Mae knows don't include her. But working side by side in the intimacy of the kitchen makes it tough to ignore the instant passion they shared.

This book is written by a chef and includes recipes that are referenced in the book. Because there are times when you have to satisfy other appetites, too. The original recipes found at the end of the book have been tested and approved by the author, Torri D. Cooke. Torri has been around the world many times, taught cooking, worked at restaurants (both fancy and plain) and now brings her vast knowledge of food from all over the world to erotic romance.

Sizzling in Singapore (Carnal Cuisine Vol.1)