Sudden Death Overtime

We Canadians are champion diehard storytellers. I mean take a look at our winters. Take a look at our television network. Take a look at our mosquitoes. What else have we got to do but to sit around and tell stories to each other?


So sit on down – because I’ve got a story for you.


The story I am talking about is called SUDDEN DEATH OVERTIME.


SUDDEN DEATH OVERTIME is a fast and fun read. It asks the question – what would a bunch of over-the-hill hockey playing old farts from Northern Labrador do against a tour bus full of vampires.  These are nasty bite-you-in-the-neck-and-drain-your-last-bottom-corpuscle vampires – guaranteed not to glitter. This book will chill you like a blast of a Northern Labrador blizzard and yet I guarantee a giggle or two.


This is a book that takes two of my favorite movies – Slapshot and 30 Days of Night – and combines them into one powerful yarn.


This isn’t high literature, you understand. This little novella is a pint of good cold beer and a cheeseburger.


And on top of that – reading this novella is actually good for your health. It has been scientifically proven that a good read will reduce your blood pressure and add years to your existence – so why don’t you save on gym membership fees and download a copy today.


Here’s a link to the page to make your work easier for you.


If you don’t believe me, why don’t you take a look at what the good folks at FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND had to say about my novella.




Yours in storytelling,


Steve Vernon


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