An Eye For Danger a romantic suspense by Christine M. Fairchild

"An Eye For Danger" is my debut romantic suspense as an indie author, which is to say I've thrown myself into the lion's den! Thank God it's getting rave reviews and 5-star ratings on both Amazon and Goodreads (and no, I don't pay for reviews--these are real readers giving sincere feedback, so every positive review is a surprise to me).
My favorite part of this story is that Sam, an undercover detective who's in disfavor, and Jules, a former war photographer with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, come together with their all their crazy, self-destructive baggage. What I feel is sexiest and edgy about this dynamic is that it's not so much a power struggle between the hero and heroine as a "who can play with fire better" rivalry. Talk about 2 people who can get themselves in a bushel of trouble!
But my next favorite element is the character Stone, Sam's personal nemesis. Even my husband loves this gritty, megalomaniac character and the smoothness of his charm. You never know which side of the game he's playing, yet you know he's the best player on the field. Let's just say there are no dull characters, no predictable moments in this roller coaster ride.
5-STAR READER REVIEW: "If you're looking for an engrossing story that doesn't slow down, you couldn't do better than than to jump into this thriller about Jules, a former wartime photojournalist with PTSD, and Sam, a cop so deep undercover you wonder if he can climb out with rappelling gear..."
5-STAR READER REVIEW: "Finally an author who not only got 'it' right, but is, hands down one, of the best writers around. Christine hooked me with her characters but sealed the deal when she got the lingo and details right. My only question is - when are we going to be able to get our hands on her next book?"
5-STAR READER REVIEW: "Great read and very hard to put down. I can't wait to read more about Julie,Sam and Max.. If you like action packed reading then you will really enjoy this book."