Eating Diamond Pie - an action adventure comedy by David Thorpe

Ever been tempted? I mean really tempted; tempted to the point you convince yourself there is simply only one option open to you?


Ever blurred the edges of need and want?


Ever been to war in Africa ….and found yourself laughing?  Tom has ….


Tom is slap bang in the middle of someone else's civil war in West Africa. It is, however, still far better than being back in London in his own personal and very uncivil war.  Desperate to fund a quiet life on the Devon Moors, Tom's quest for money, together with an insane relationship with an Irish Catholic lesbian and a Russian UN Colonel, bring his two worlds crashing together in an explosion of drugs, guns, diamonds, dead goats and strip wax.  A riotously funny black comedy seen through the eyes of the author, who spent a year in Sierra Leone helping the fledgling Army fight a brutal civil war against the rebels of the Revolutionary United Front – and never once found the need to use strip wax himself.


Pick of the quotes:


" …. I loved the pace of this book with its mix of subtle intelligent humour, quick fire dialogue and laugh out loud slapstick; I'll never be able to go into a bank again without smirking – never thought I'd be able to say that!"


" … Nick Horby meets Andy McNab.  In fact, more like Nick Hornby and Andy McNab meet Mr Bean in a dodgy bar in West Africa and someone pulls out a gun and some strip wax! – hilarious; loved it; more please."


"…. a great debut and, despite the 'purely fictional' disclaimer at the start, if this guy was out there helping to fight the war, I'm left wondering how much of this stuff might actually be true …..hmmm!?"



It is, of course, purely fictional. Honest.