A Craving a novel by Emily Arnold

"It's a relief to see you looking yourself," her best friend said. Polly was shocked- who else had she seemed to be? The truth was devastating: She was a woman drinking around the clock, battling her husband, endangering her children, jeopardizing her career. And yet, there was no other way to get through the days, was there? Her terrible downward slide could stop only when she hit rock bottom and faced the hell of getting up again.

A CRAVING is a personal story, but it is not a memoir. I wrote it as a novel in order to tell a universal story.
Since my book went of print, it has continued to be passed from hand to hand and avidly read. Because so many people have told me how affected they were by Polly's (and her family's) struggle I wanted to make the book available again. I hope that readers who are not beset by their own cravings will gain an understanding of the plight of those who are; but even more, I hope that all who read this book will see what it is to do battle with a deadly foe and emerge whole.

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