Tourette Syndrome, Beyond the Unwelcome Companion by Rick Fowler

Tourette Syndrome, Beyond The Unwelcome Companion is a new book by author Rick Fowler providing fresh insight into one of the world's most puzzling disorders.

This 2012 release also includes the complete revised text of his well-received 1996 book The Unwelcome Companion, An Insider's View of Tourette Syndrome. The 1996 edition was one of the first books written by a person with TS that openly discussed the internal mental processes that accompany tics and other symptoms.

The new chapters further reveal (in greater detail) how it feels to experience tics, obsessions, and other symptoms commonly associated with Gilles de la Tourette syndrome. The book only lightly touches on medical information, remaining highly focused on taking the reader far inside the Tourettic mind.

The author points out that all individuals experience Tourette syndrome somewhat differently and not everyone has all of the same symptoms.
However, a large number of people with TS feel tics, obsessions, and compulsions in a very similar manner.

Fowler's vivid descriptions of the internal workings of Tourettic symptoms have been applauded by many with TS as being unsurpassed in both depth and accuracy.

For those interested in a view deep inside the mind of Tourette syndrome, this is a "must read."

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