BOOK OF THE SKY GOD -- a YA science fiction adventure by Laura Markowitz

What if human evolution wasn't a natural process at all? What if we had help from aliens who were further along on the evolutionary ladder? In the BOOK OF THE SKY GOD, those aliens, who ancient humans called "gods," are scheduled to return to Earth in 2015 to see how their "human experiment" worked out. If they don't like what they find, humanity will be wiped out.
Five unlikely teenagers are the only ones who can save our species.  Nina Rajathani has social problems and needs to make some friends. Unfortunately, her leadership skills often manifest as bossiness. Ram Rajathani, her younger brother, has a crush on a girl his best friend, Henry, likes. Something terrible has been done to Henry Lipton his whole life and now he needs to figure out who he really is. The girl they both like, Katie Chase, is trying to solve the mystery of why her mother abandoned her when she was six days old. She's also dealing with a major problem at home that she can't tell anyone about. Laila Rajathani, Ram and Nina's kid sister, also has a secret she hasn't told the others: she is the first human to evolve "numinous senses." They allow her to see the connection between all things. One of the first things she is able to sense with this new ability is an immortal shapeshifter who has been living on earth for millions of years.
As the friends get closer to piecing together the last clues from Mayan mythology and archaeology that will help them challenge the returning gods, they come to terms with the adults who have let them down, and the future they must create for themselves and for the planet. In the end, the gods are nothing like what the teens expected…

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