The Universe is a Very Big Place - a Romantic Comedy by April Aasheim

KDP Free Promotion Days: November 16 and November 17. Also December 13 and December 14, 2012
Spring Ryan was raised in the carnival by her get-rich-quick father and her fortune-telling mother. During that time, Spring was told that you only get one chance at true love , and if you blow it, that's it. Years later, the love of Spring's life disappears without a trace and Spring seeks comfort, and normalcy, in the arms of Sam Wayne, a man whose love for books is only matched by his love for a well-mashed potato.
Spring's plans for a normal life with Sam quickly change when her nudist mother moves in. Additionally, her boss wants her to escort a life-sized condom around town as part of their teen abstinence program.
Just when Spring thinks she can't take anymore craziness a new man enters her life, and turns her world, and her childhood beliefs, upside down.
The Universe is a Very Big Place is a humorous and poignant look at love, family, and hope. Filled with zany and unforgettable characters it will leave you smiling and wondering if there really is a cosmic, and comic, plan for us all.