Deadly Election - a thriller novel by Arthur Crandon

This is a powerful and insightful novel, full of action and intrigue. Senator Consuelo is the worst kind of Philippine politician, and he expects to become President of the exotic island nation very soon.  His luck is about to change.  In one day he becomes immensely rich and a cold-blooded mass murderer.  His feverish attempts to hide his tracks are complicated by blackmail, adultery, sex and blood feuds that go back for generations.  Many unexpected betrayals follow his evil actions. In his desperation, his political skills desert him and he realizes how easily and quickly you can lose the support of your friends, and your family.  Within days, more lives will be lost and fortunes will change hands.  A chain of consequences has been started which will spread like a spiders web and end in tragedy for many and triumph for a few In the end, maybe he will not benefit from his wicked actions, but others might.....

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