What Do The Letters In Your Name Say About You - Self Improvement Book by Dorothy J Muhammad

"What Do The Letters In Your Name Say About You"
By Dorothy J Muhammad

You are living in the age of enlightenment. This is a time when most people are seeking to improve the quality of their lives.  Most of them do not know where to begin. "What Do The Letters In Your Name Say About You" is a book that begins in a place where most people never expect. It begins with you and the sounds that have been with you since birth.  The author (Dorothy J Muhammad) has written a book that takes you on a journey of self discovery.

Dorothy's journey in the Wizard of Oz and the people that she met along the way helped her to learn about herself.  For instance, the scarecrow, tin man and lion are all signs of people who came to teach Dorothy about life's lessons dealing with intelligence, compassion and courage.  Likewise, reading the book. "What Do The Letters in Your Name Say About You" will help you to learn about yourself. It may sound strange but the letters in your name have helped to shape your life's choices.  Learning the information in the book  promises to be an  eye-opening experience for you.

The author introduces you to the structure and function of the letters of the alphabet. Believe it or not, the shapes of letters of the alphabet manifest on a material plane in nature. Have you ever seen signs of things in nature that resemble the  shapes of the vowels A, E, I, O, U?  Regardless of your answer, reading about the vowels will help you discover how to "fire" up your life, increase your energy, intelligence and circle of influence as well as improve your magnetic appeal.   Even more, importantly, learning about  all of the letters of the alphabet certainly will help to elevate your understanding about  a  zig-zag path  in life that parallels the letter "Z". That is because it now time for you to "Zee" the light.

You can purchase the book on Amazon.com. The link is http://amzn.to/RtU2CZ

Just think your name is all about you and it is time that you read a book that is specially designed  to enlighten you about the letters that form your name.. Take the leap….take the plunge… the sounds in the letters are waiting to hear from you!