Following Yonder Star - Historical Christian Fiction - by Martin Gibbs


Did the Three Kings make the ultimate sacrifice to God? Why would three powerful rulers abandon everything to follow a star? Where did they come from? How did they know each other?


Following Yonder Star provides a unique look at the Three Kings, their lives, and their journeys separately, and together. These famous men vanished quickly into the night of history, but they remain vivid components of our collective memory. This story describes their tribulations and sacrifices. Faced with the devil, Herod's scheming, and overzealous Roman centurions, these unequaled men persevered.


The early English work by John of Hildesheim, Historia Trium Regum, provided a roadmap for this work, although the encounters with the devil, the moor, and Herod are original. Since the Bible does not provide the details behind the Kings' journey, there is room to interpret and explain what could have happened. Biblical purists may take issue with certain scenes, but such scenes were made intentionally powerful in order to highlight the perfect and wonderful will of God. In addition, they show us how strong and resilient the Three Kings were.


Following Yonder Star is a quick, entertaining, and spiritually-uplifting book. If the Three Kings could abandon everything to follow the star, so can we abandon our grip upon the material and selfish, and cling to a higher purpose.