The Agnatum - an action adventure novel by Greg Stacey

The Agnatum has adventure, intrigue and mystery. The characters are complex and multifaceted, some with psychopathic and dangerous characteristics. My background in psychology has definitely influenced the development of these characters, in a way that makes them both believable and credible. The plot races along, with twists and turns that make for an exciting read.

The storyline is based around the development of a superweapon in Germany’s Wunderwaffe programme during World War Two. The weapon cannot be completed before the war ends, nor does it pose a threat until the present day, when an underground organisation, the Agnatum, finally succeeds in making the weapon work.

When a Second World War German aircraft, a Blohm and Voss Ha 139 appears off the Kent coast, England, in the present, Strategic Intelligence and Defence (SIAD) are tasked with unravelling the mystery. What they discover is a convoluted plot that threatens the world’s safety and leads them to the ruthless upper echelon of the Agnatum, who are determined to realise their plans at any cost.

The central character, Nathan Stone, is a seasoned professional, who heads a team of resolute and courageous individuals, who are equally determined to foil the Agnatum’s plans. The interplay between Stone and his trusted friend and colleague, Spencer White, is at times funny and moving. Their loyalty to one another is absolute and total, each prepared to lay down their own life in order to protect the other.

Stone is also aided by the intelligent and beautiful Dr Georgie Manston, a scientist who works for SIAD. Their relationship is at times difficult, as they were once an item. They find that the attraction is still present and both struggle to keep their professional and personal lives and their emotions separate.

The Agnatum is suitable for adults and teenagers who love a thrilling read, with a twist of believable and plausible science fiction.