Foretold: Betrayed By Desire - a paranormal fantasy fiction novel by E.S. Tilton

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Looking for paranormal fantasy fiction set in a steampunk-ish/medieval world?  Tahrek and Kyra's twisted journey will intrigue you, right up to the very end. 
Explore Kyron's Worlde and discover why the seven races vie for dominion while the psychics skulk in the background, outlawed for life.  While the book has sensual overtones throughout, along with a few well placed sex scenes, it is not erotica. 

What readers have said about Foretold: Betrayed By Desire:

Rich, engaging and addictive
As a visual artist, reading can be a joy or sheer torture as the words either paint rich and engaging images in my mind, or leave me with a bare canvas. In the case of Tilton's writing I find the images absolutely flying through my mind with a depth and richness rivaled only by some very exclusive company. Think Tolkein, Norton. She brings to life a world from her imagination that is filled with mystery, passion and intrigue.Once I started reading it was difficult if not impossible to stop reading. The images she created in my mind with her words became almost a movie in my mind. I fell in love with the characters. Well, some of them, others I must admit I loathe and for good reason... ah, but you must read to discover why.

You will not be disappointed. Expect great things from this author! ~Trevor Hanrahal

What I loved about both books is the way the characters come alive & endear themselves to the reader. I wanted to choose sides but in the end it was unimportant. They were very well written. ~Christine Ventre

Your vivid world created and articulately mastered makes this book come to life. -A. Baum

An excerpt:

Long strands of moss draped hairlike from the arms of the overhanging branches. They were forced into stooping to avoid damp sticky caresses across their faces. Though the trees were not close, the smothering mist rose from the moist land in shifting clouds, obscuring their vision and erasing the path as soon as they passed. The moons, when viewable through the floating masses of mist and overhanging branches, shone down like surreal mismatched eyes into the haze, adding to the intangible sense of being watched.

Damp fog enveloped her, hiding even her own feet from view. Kyra, feeling forlorn and lost, grasped Tahrek's cloak as they trod on, each step one of slurping avoidance. Low watery areas seemed to emerge randomly, almost inexplicably, in front of them. It felt good to hold something semi-solid in that shifting land of shadowed clinging murkiness. Onward she followed, cautious, stepping where he stepped; every sense in her alerted to the sounds of creatures moving around them. Glowing orbs of light winked on and off in the baffling mist adding to her sense of disorientation.
Book 1 in the Kyron's Worlde Foretold series.

Outcast psychics with a 2,658-year-old objective, the Seven foresee destruction at the end of nearly all time streams. The land of Llayentia, already raped by a single act of betrayal, must escape a future more horrific, more heinous, than all that has come before. Grim with determination, the Seven move to protect their world…at all cost.
Kyra Atar is Freni-Kyn, a race of entertainers genetically modified for survival of the Rage Wars through use of the pleasure skills. This makes for one irresistible assassin. Wielding Freni-Kyn illusions, she readily slips into the persona of whomever she wants.  And she can be anyone she wants…with one exception…herself.
 Haunted by the jagged wreckage of a past too horrific to face, Tahrek lives a fractured life of deception. Born a half breed, the remnant of a fleeting night's passion, he hides his true nature from all, or risks certain death. Recruited into a life he despises, he moves from assignment to assignment. His newest job is simple…

Betray, and execute, a fellow assassin…Kyra
Enemies by birthright, the two pit themselves against each other until one impulsive decision sends them down a path with no escape. Now they struggle to find refuge in a world turned against them, where even nature seems to seek their death. In their fight for survival they must defeat the deadliest stalker of all: forbidden desire.

This novel is intended for mature audiences.

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