A Wicked Awakening - a paranormal novel by Calinda B

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When you’ve seen the kind of things that I have seen in life, you’ll know why I have such a quirky point of view. People have said things like “This is different than the kinds of books I normally read,” or “This was so different it was mind-blowing.” I admit it – I am not a cookie cutter kind of author – I’ve lived a strange, wild life, full of adventure and a fair share of mishaps. See for yourself – you can get A Wicked Awakening for only .99 now through Dec. 25 or download the FREE short story, A Wicked Choice which has a bonus excerpt of A Wicked Awakening.

Description: For a girl who’s supposed to be a Galaxy Dancer and whose heartbeat helps synchronize the cosmos, small town girl Chérie Abella Manhattan has a problem – a few of them actually. Her first problem is about 5’3” tall, 190lbs, hair the color of liver, and eyes that seek out every hole in Chérie’s flimsy, cheesecloth armor. Yes, she’s big, she’s overbearing and she’s Jill Primcott, Chérie’s boss at the community center where Chérie teaches aerobics. Jill’s got this strange ability – she commands these noxious, red-eyed, bat-like creatures that prey on human insecurities and suffering. And Jill’s got a vendetta against Chérie – a big one.
Her next problem is more perplexing. This guy – this gorgeous guy with hair like a cascade of nightfall and eyes as intense as solar flares - slipped up behind her on the dance floor. He whispered “Sexy girl” in her ear, told her not to turn around and left her to melt into a steaming, sizzling puddle on the floor before she caught a glimpse of him. Now he’s taunting her in her dreams. Her live-in boyfriend, the avid rock climber and kayaker Cam Tyson, knows nothing about this encounter.
Cam, meanwhile, wants her to be more available – you know, sexually – to him. He wants her to do things like enjoy herself when they…when they…she can’t even bring herself to say words like that.
As if that wasn’t more than enough problems in her piñata, she has a new student, this ancient crone of a woman with skin like a dried apple. The old bat has piercing hawk-like eyes, dresses in shabby-chic, psych-ward attire, and just stands there in the back of the room while Chérie teaches. Chérie feels like a mouse in the middle of the field about to be someone’s next meal when that crazy hag is in her class. She often loses her place, stumbles and once she almost ran into another student, she was so distracted.
While all of this perplexing mystery pools around her like she’s in the middle of a tub of water, complete with bobbing clown ducks and sinister plastic dolls, lies and deception from her childhood swirl at the apex of the water twirling down the drain. She just can’t quite figure out what they are. All she knows is a) she doesn’t enjoy sex, b) she doesn’t enjoy sex and c) she thinks she should enjoy sex more but she just doesn’t. Now that’s a big problem.
The challenges that Chérie and Cam face, individually and collectively, are as fun as being flung around a roller coaster track at crazy speeds clinging to the car railing to keep from getting dismembered. At the core of their many changes, beat a couple of hearts as big as the sun. While these hearts may not prevent them from going through tumultuous change, they guide them towards a future they could never have imagined. All because of A Wicked Awakening.

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